Customer Experience is all about balancing the needs of people, processes and platforms to deliver consistent memorable experiences. I’ve found the best way is to be hands-on, getting into the detail to deliver solutions.


For over 15 years I’ve been helping start-ups understand and solve their business problems. Creating experiences that bond customers, strengthen brands, and build businesses. Here’s how:

CX_Customer Experience

A better understanding of customer behaviours and expectations will help you focus on the things that matter and differentiate your brand. 


Build a product that your customers will love, not just tolerate. Customers who recommend your brand are more likely to stay and spend more. 

CX_Customer Service

Customers don’t want to contact you, by allowing them to self-help you can improve satisfaction and significantly reduce costs.


Communities create an owned space where customers can get help and engage with your brand.


Integrated communications approach across all touchpoints maximises digital spend, reduces customer contacts and builds memorable brand experiences.

My Approach

Assessment: During our first meeting, I like to understand the problem you’re trying to solve. Determining what it is your organisation is trying to solve.

Plan: Based on the outcomes you wish to achieve I’ll develop a plan laying out timeframes and deliverables.

Build: Within your existing team, I’ll work to align Platform, Processes and People requirements.

Deliver: Executing a customer experience strategy can be a phased approach, little and often is the best. Better done than perfect, maximising return on investment.

Measure: Ensuring KPI’s are set, monitored and maintained, providing a framework to assess and improve in-life.

Review: If you have existing platforms and processes in place, I’ll review these to understand where there is room for improvement and innovation.

Why now

Companies are looking to customer experience as the primary way in which they’ll differentiate their brand and their products in the years to come.

If you’d like help to reassess how your care, comms and community are impacting your overall customer experience, get in touch: email me at claire@clairekav.com or give me a bell on 07708 200 594

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